Hairdryer Might Cause Some Damage On Your Hair

Why does drying your hair with a hairdryer run the risk of damaging your hair? Before answering this question, it helps you know at a glance about the anatomy of hair. Apart from that, if you also suffer from hair loss, we recommend you try the best laser hair growth device too.

Each strand of hair attached to your head is likened to a tube consisting of a layer of the cortex and a protective layer called the cuticle. If your hair has perfect and fine cuticles (not cracked), your hair will look shiny and not easily broken.

When the hair is wet, the cuticle will be slightly raised. Drying your hair with a hairdryer makes the water from outside the hair pushed into the cortex layer and risks damaging the hair.

However, leaving the wet hair to dry by itself is also not good. This is because when the hair is wet, the hair will swell.

As a result, the longer it is left, the greater the pressure applied to the refined protein which serves to maintain the integrity of the hair, so the risk of hair damage is greater.

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